Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taste in men

Ain't he just adorable?

Too bad he's 10 years older than me, a racist, and a murderer.

I can't help who I'm attracted to. I've probably had some of the weirdest crushes. Charlie Chaplin and Varg Vikernes (that guy in the pix above) are probably the weirdest. I still think Marlon Brando is hot in a Streetcar Named Desire, and there are several guys who I wouldn't kick out of bed for being covered in fake blood.. Real blood is a different story. Actually, a lot of the guys I have crushes on, I wouldn't like in real life. My own taste confuses me because I don't have a "type". Here are some more pictures of guys I like (I tried to put them in chronological order).

Eric von Detten (actor) was my first crush, then Leonardo Di Caprio, and Daniel Johns from Silverchair- I became a vegetarian because of him.

Givanni Ribisi and Sam Rockwell (Actors).. Just noticed a lot of them have Italian names.

Meegs Rascon (guitarist of Coal Chamber). Charlie Chapin- cute underneath that mustache, first dead guy I ever had a crush on. Brian Molko from Placebo- made me like bisexual men.

Danzig (Musician), Rory Cochrane. Till Lindemann (singer of Rammstein)- Fist guy I had a crush on who I thought might be completely insane, and disgusted me a little.. Surprisingly, Marilyn Manson didn't, I also had a crush on him but don't feel like putting up a pic. You know what he looks like.

Meg and Jack White from the White Stripes (yep, both of them. I have some more girl crushes but won't go into them now). Chris Jericho (Wrestler. Go ahead, laugh.) Maynard James Keenan (singer of Tool. Weird as hell. Made me want to try hallucinogenic drugs some day- but not anytime soon).

Eddie Izzard, Russell Brand, Noel Fielding (stylish English comedians. Eddie is a crossdresser.. Kinda into that.)

Ville Valo (singer of HIM. Got me into Finnish music, for which I'm eternally gratefull). Marlon Brando.. Why did he have to get fat and people make fun of him? Sad..

Frost (drummer of Satyricon. Real name Kjetil Haraldstad- awesomely impossible to pronounce for an English speaker). Ogre from Skinny Puppy (He's a nice guy, don't judge him by the fake blood).

My boyfriend David! I love him, and he lets me play with his hair. :)

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  1. lmao...the murderer resembles david acctually. i love a man in braids. Actually i have never seen that thats cool.

    i had the biggest crush on erick von deeten. when he was Brink. haha i STILL have a major crush on daniel johns. thats one of my favorite pics.

    Brian Mulko. :( did i tell you i had my friend take my pic with him but when i asked him he seemed soo irritated i was embarrased for asking. he flashed a fake ass smile and didnt say one word to me at all. :(((
    soo now i respect him as a member of placebo. but i dont really like him as a person

    the man in the blue pants is sexy!!!! i loooooove his long hair. you gotta check out this band fair to midland. theyre so goood and theres a guy i think he plays the keyboard and eff it somethin else. hes sooo nice. and hes super shy on stage. he has really long curly hair. the whole time we were hangin ut with him (cuz my friends boyfriend grew up with them sio we got to go back stage.) i couldnt stop stareing at his hair. i was having fantasies about touching his hair. lmao. but he said he lets hiar fall in front of his face so he cant see all the people cuz hes shy. lol.

    hehe guys in black eyeliner LOVE

    i like davids hair like that. OMG have you seen killer clowns from outerspace. (i think we talked about it) he should dress up as 'em for halloween this year.