Monday, November 16, 2009

Bull Twit(ter)

MySpace used to be the only social networking site that I could stomach- they were the only ones who didn't promote "updates" about your every passing mood, thoughts, and actions. If you want to say something that is only one or two sentances long, it's probably not worth broadcasting to all your friends. I used to like how Myspace's format allowed you to read other people's bulletins- things people deemed worthy enough to announce to all their friends. Sure, a lot of people didn't have good judgement when it came to what was important, but at least you could choose whether or not you were interested in reading it or not. With their new format, Myspace is more like Facebook and Twitter. As soon as you log on- front and center is a prompt saying "What are you doing right now?" Shouldn't the answer be obvious? I'm online- I'm not doing anything. But there is an empty box just waiting for your anwer. Before, you had to make the concious decision to post a bulletin or a blog, but now the computer assumes you have something to say. There is less self-editing and censorship of thoughts, the box is waiting for your answer; Your friends are not. There is a reason why I don't have a Twitter- because I don't CARE! If you have enough time on your hands to post updates on everything you do, then you probably aren't interesting enough to deserve that privilage. People used to worry about Big Brother watching our every move, but now we want the world to know our every move. Ok, I'll admit that's an exaggeration- we still have the choice not to say what we're doing. But with an empty box staring you in the face, with an insatiable hunger for your words- it's hard to deny it.

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