Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My attempt at dispensing justice at a graduation ceremony.

Today I endured the physical and psychological torture that is a graduation ceremony. It was my boyfriend's sister's high school graduation. I was proud of her accomplishment, but I doubt one person there didn't think at more than one point "When is this gonna be over?!" I expected it to be long and boring, but what made it unbearable was the people behind us who kept blowing an air horn. It would have been merely annoying if they did it once or twice, but they did it at least five times. People asked them to stop and gave them dirty looks, but the white-trash assholes didn't care. They blew it at ear-level and held the note longer than necessary and laughed at people's reactions. At one point, they even said they should be recording so that they could put it on YouTube. Finally, I scooted closer and waited for them to blow it one more time. When they did I tried to rip it out of the guy's hands, but I wasn't able to. He and his stupid friends seemed shocked and started yelling at me, and then David practically tackled the guy with the horn and tried to wrench it out of his hands. His mom yelled at him and we decided to leave. What I think is sad is that, had I been successful in getting it away from him without causing a scene, people would have thanked me. I can't believe not even one person defended me or David. I guess that's the price of civilized society, people wait for someone with authority to stand up to people like that, and are too scared to do it themselves. It annoyed me that people kept saying they were "about to" do something to stop them, but they probably had no intention of doing it. There are few people who actually do what they threaten to do when it will cause conflict. I think that the guys who were blowing the horn were being extremely rude and uncivil, and when you act like that, you should expect people to treat you the same way. I hope some day they learn what empathy is, or that someone kicks their asses.

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